STD Cases On Steady Rise In US

US health authorities are calling for additional preventive and treatment initiatives as rates of several sexually transmitted diseases are sharply rising, including a 26% increase in new syphilis infections recorded.

What Is An STD?

A sexually transmitted disease is a disease that is transmitted through sexual contact. There are many different types of sexually transmitted diseases, and the most common ones are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes.

You can get an STD through sexual contact with someone who has an STD.

STD Cases On The Rise

Some STDs, such as gonorrhea and syphilis, have increased infection rates in recent years. Both the rate and the total number of syphilis cases last year reached record highs dating back to 1948 and 1991, respectively. HIV cases have increased as well, rising 16% last year.

Monkeypox outbreaks throughout the globe have brought attention to the country’s growing issue with illnesses primarily transmitted via sex.

How To Prevent STDs?

Officials are developing innovative solutions to the issue, such as certain STDs’ home-test kits, which will make it simpler for individuals to understand whether they are infected and to take action to stop the infection from spreading.

But there are also old-school ways of preventing an STD.

The best way to prevent an STD is to use a condom.

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