Everything You Need To Know About Digital Pets On Your iPhone

After Apple officially launched and delivered the new iPhone 14 Pro, users are discovering new features every single day including a new feature that allows you to have digital pets on your iPhone.

Digital Pets On iPhone 14 Pro

This is not a feature that comes ready to go on your iPhone. Instead, this feature is made available by an iOS developer Christian Selig and his app Apollo which is a Reddit client app that turns AMP links into normal URLs.

These digital pets are called Pixel Pal. And you can have a cat, dog, hedgehog, fox, and axolotl.

Settings On Your iPhone To Pick Your Pet

How To Install Pixel Pal On Your iPhone?

Pixel Pal Without Dynamic Island

Pixel Pals are still available even if your iPhone does not have the dynamic island.

You just need the new iOS 16 update installed along with the Apollo app and you are good to go!

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