The Perseverance Rover Is One Step Closer To Find Life On Mars

According to the scientist working on the Perseverance mission, the rover has recently collected rocks on the surface of Mars that are “amazing” and will lead us to one day, discover life on Mars.

Life On Mars

No matter how much we look for it, we will not find any present life on Mars. The environment on the red planet is too harsh for any organisms to be currently alive and living there.

However, thanks to Perseverance and the new rock findings, the traces of biology that could have existed billions of years ago when the lakes on Mars were filled with water.

Perseverance’s New Discovery

The NASA rover has gathered a wide variety of rock samples, which it will shortly place on the surface in preparation for later flights to transport them to Earth.

NASA hopes to bring these rock samples back to Earth by 2033 with later missions to Mars.

The rock samples are cached in titanium tubes. A collection of them will soon be dropped on the surface of Mars

For the past 17 months, the Perseverance rover has spent its time roaming around the Jezero Crater which is believed to have been a lake before.

The rover has collected samples of igneous, or volcanic, rocks that it drilled out on the crater floor.

What’s Next On Mars?

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