Real Estate Agent Denies A Black Family A Condo Over Race In Houston

According to a federal complaint submitted on Friday in Houston, a Black family is suing two real estate brokerages and a real estate agent after the agent refused to sell them a unit in a new condo in Katy, TX.

According to a recording, the three real estate investors, a husband, wife, and the woman’s sister, cannot be sold by the agent because “we won’t be able to get along with each other well.” The family had made a cash offer for the asking amount.

In order to support the claim that the decision was based on race, the complaint also included a leaflet promoting the building as an “alternative for Chinese and Asian communities in Houston” where residents could lead “a safe and simple Asian life.”

According to the lawsuit, the realtor informed the family that she was the property’s owner and that it was her decision who may reside at the condo. Additionally, she stated that each owner knew each other and were personal friends.

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