Russia Accused Of War Crimes After Discovery Of Mass Graves

Ukrainian officials have discovered hundreds of bodies buried in eastern Ukrainian city of Izium. More than 450 dead bodies were recovered from the site as per Ukrainian officials. The city of Izium was recaptured by Ukrainian forces after being in control of Russian forces for 6 months.

Members of the emergency services take turns to dig, Photograph: The Guardian

Multiple Mass Graves

According to Ukrainian officials investigating the area there could be multiple other grave sites and that the investigation into events in Izium has just begun. ‘‘There are others, separate burials of many people. Tortured people. Entire families in certain territories”. Ukrainian President Zelenskiy said. Some victims had their hands tied behind their backs. A few miles away, 17 dead bodies of Ukrainian soldiers were discovered later. Zelenskiy called the burial sites proof of war crimes by Russian Invaders in a 6-month long war. 

Russian Response

Vitaly Ganchev, the Russian ex-head of the Region’s military-civilian administration accused the Ukrainian forces of staging mass graves and said, “I have not heard anything about burials”. He mentioned that Ukrainian forces and foreign mercenaries are torturing and executing civilians in areas under their control.

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