TikTok Is Cloning BeReal Feature

It seems like these days, every other social media platform has copied TikTok as it gained more and more popularity in the past few years. But now it seems like TikTok is going to clone one of its rivals, BeReal.

What Is BeReal?

BeReal is an app that lets users only post once a day. The catch is if you do not post, you cannot see your friend’s post either.

BeReal’s goal is to encourage users to be authentic and real to themselves.

The app also uses both cameras of your smartphone. It takes a picture with the back camera, capturing what you are doing, and takes a picture with your front camera to get your selfie and post both of the pictures together.

TikTok Copying BeReal

TikTok on Thursday unveiled TikTok Now, a brand-new real-time sharing feature.

In order to share a 10-second video or still snapshot from their phone’s front and rear cameras of what they are doing at that precise moment, users will receive a daily, timed push notification from the feature.

It is essentially a copy of BeReal’s core feature, which prompts users to share unedited front- and back-camera photographs on a daily basis with a two-minute timer.

Other Social Media Platforms Copying BeReal

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