Megadrought In Southwest Now The Worst In 1,200 Years

Southern and Western parts of the country have been experiencing the driest years and the hottest ones as the temperature rises more frequently. The climatologists and scientists have blamed human-induced climate change. The rivers are drying up and they are at their record level low at the moment. The temperature has already risen by 1.5C, adding to already existing heatwaves making cities like Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix almost uninhabitable during summers

Rivers Are Drying

In the summer of 2021, both Lake Mead and Lake Powell – the largest reservoirs in North America – reached record-low levels. For the first time, the lifeblood of the southwest, The Colorado river which supplies water and power for more than 40 million people, is dangerously low to Deadpool level. ‘‘A mixture of climate change and poor policy choices is bleeding the area dry,’’ revealed by a report in the Economist published last month.

Dry land usually under water when the lake is full is seen next to Gregory Butte in Lake Powell, Arizona.

What To Be Done?

The question is serious, what should the world do to stop the changes in the environment? The answer is simple, the world must undo and stop everything that causes the degradation of the environment. All countries must unite to fight human-induced changes.

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