Your Boss Might Be “Quiet Firing” You

Right now the biggest trend going on is “quiet quitting” where employees are just doing the bare minimum for their job and nothing more. Well, employers have caught on and now they might be “quiet firing” you.

What is “quiet firing”

The term “quiet firing” refers to when a company intentionally treats employees poorly to encourage them to leave rather than directly laying them off.

It can also mean, employers not recognizing the employee’s achievement and hurting their career growth.

Changing a person’s responsibilities to ones requiring relatively less experience, preventing them from receiving raises or promotions, or purposefully denying them opportunities for leadership development were are also examples of “quiet firing.”

How do you know if your boss is “quiet firing” you?

There are a few signs to look out for to know if your boss is “quiet firing” you or not.

#1 Your Boss Doesn’t Want To Talk

Your boss has a lot of responsibility so it makes sense if they do not have time for you. But if they cannot make time for you for even much-needed conversations then this might be a bad sign.

#2 You Don’t Get The Roles You Want

If you asked your boss for a role on the team or for a new opportunity and instead of giving it to you, your boss gives it to your co-worker over and over again, your boss is trying to quiet fire you.

#3 You Are Not Getting A Raise Or Promotion

Have you been grinding for many years now at your company but you haven’t gotten a raise or promotion yet? Your boss has been quiet firing you!

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