Laptop & Phones Screen Could Cause Serious Health Issues

sleeping with light on causes health problems

Latest Research published by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago has revealed the riskiest and most dangerous consequences related to consuming light at night time specifically before sleep.

sleeping with light on

Why You Should Not Sleep With Light On?

The study reveals the connection between late-night light consumption and health risks including diabetes and obesity.

The head of research who studies the role of sleep and circadian rhythms, Dr. Minjee Kim, mentions that even a tiny amount of light can disturb the entire internal balance of our bodies.

“Whether it be from one’s smartphone, leaving a TV on overnight, or light pollution in a big city, we live among an abundant number of artificial sources of light that are available 24 hours a day.”

Dr. Kim
The Science of Sleep, Dr. Matthew Carter

What Should You Do Instead?

Dr. Kim suggests even if you have to use light at night, make sure to keep it close to the ground and always use dim light late at night.

“Amber/red light (longer wavelengths) is less disruptive to our circadian clock in the body than lights with shorter wavelengths such as blue light.”

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