Apple Beats Android In Market Share In US

For the first time ever, more iPhones are being sold and more Americans own an iPhone than any other type of phone.

Apple Vs Android

For many years now, Android has been on the top when it comes to smartphones in the US and around the world. This mainly has to do with the variety of different phones that come with Android as well as the various price points.

Apple only has the iPhone and it only sells at the price they want to. If you cannot afford it, you would have to choose an Android.

Infographic: Apple or Android Nation? Operating System Popularity Across Countries | Statista

But now, In the US, there has been a huge shift and the iPhone is now taking over.

iPhone Beats Out Android Phones

According to statistics from analytics company Counterpoint Research, the iPhone surpassed the whole Android smartphone market in June to capture 50% of the US market share.

Apple, therefore, reached its highest-ever market share for smartphones in the United States. Apple accomplished the milestone thanks to the iPhone’s “active installed base,” a statistic that accounts for all users of iOS devices who have acquired them used.

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