NASA’s New Gadget Creates Oxygen On Mars

Finally, NASA has come up with the news which could possibly be a stepping stone for human life on Mars. A device called MOXIE may help in sustaining human life by producing oxygen.

NASA has been exploring Mars’s climate for the past few decades. They, along with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, have hinted at the possibility of life on Mars.


NASA has been experimenting with a device known as MOXIE. The device produces oxygen ‘‘as a tree does’’. It is the size of a car battery or a lunch box and is responsible for generating oxygen on planet Mars.

MOXIE is the abbreviation for Mars’ Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment and the job of the device is to generate breathable oxygen by using carbon dioxide already present in very large quantities on planet Mars.

Mars’ Atmosphere

The planet’s atmosphere is densely occupied by carbon dioxide, around 96%. With 0.13% of oxygen compared to 21% in Earth’s atmosphere. Hence the idea to generate oxygen by using the planet’s own Carbon dioxide.

It’s Just An Experiment

MOXIE is just a test model, while humans living on the planet will require a device that is 100 times bigger than this size. The device produces enough oxygen that can last for 100 minutes for one astronaut.

Future Life On Mars

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