Astrophysicist Says He Found “Alien Technology” In Our Ocean

A mission to recover pieces of a meteor that struck Earth eight years ago is being planned by Professor Abraham Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He believed the meteor may be a technical device made by aliens.

The Meteor That Hit Earth 8 Years Ago

In 2014, a 2 feet long meteor named CNEOS 2014-01-08 entered the Earth’s atmosphere traveling at more than 100,000 miles per hour. It eventually broke up into tiny fragments and landed in the South Pacific Ocean.

Amir Siraj identified the meteor as “interstellar,” or coming from outside the solar system, in 2019. Siraj, a student at Harvard University, collaborated with his academic advisor, Abraham Loeb, the same professor who is searching for the alien tech now, to get to his conclusions at the time.

Is There Alien Tech In The Ocean?

To recover meteor fragments from the ocean floor, Loeb is starting a $1.5 million expedition. Using information from the Defense Department, Loeb has narrowed the scope of his search to a region of little under 40 square miles.

When asked about what he hopes to discover, this is what Loeb had to say.

There is also the possibility that it will be made of some alloy that nature doesn’t put together, and that would imply the object is technological, if you ask what my wish is if it’s indeed of artificial origin, and there was some component of the object that survived, and if it has any buttons on it, I would love to press them.

But other scientists are skeptical about Loeb finding anything that is claimed to be alien tech.

These scientists disagree with the idea that the item is technological, claiming that natural explanations are significantly more straightforward and reasonable. Additionally, some scientists are hesitant to claim that the meteor even originated from outside of our solar system.

Are There Aliens?

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