This New Pill Keeps You Looking & Feeling Younger

Researchers are working on a new anti-aging pill that will keep you from aging making you look young as well as keeping you healthy. This drug called Rapamycin is showing positive results on life and health span in test studies.

The Experiment

In fruit flies, the researchers evaluated several short-term drug delivery time frames. They discovered that young, adult flies treated with rapamycin for just two weeks lived longer and were protected from age-related disease in the gut.

In young, adult mice, a comparatively brief time frame of 3 months of therapy beginning at 3 months of life showed similar favorable effects on the health of the gut when they were middle-aged.

This type of drug and treatment has not been experimented on humans yet.

Benefits Of Anti-Aging

These drugs have been shown to lower inflammation, prevent CVD, and halt the loss of function in several organs in humans. Additionally, prospective anti-aging pharmaceuticals block the development of cancer by obstructing certain processes related to cell metabolism, proliferation, angiogenesis, and death.

With anti-aging drugs, we can prevent a lot of sicknesses and diseases in adults that they might get as a result of getting older.

Future Of Anti-Aging Treatments

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