Texas Grandmother Gets Her Dream Vacation From A Stranger

Earlier this month, Elizabeth Kuykendall, a 78-year-old native of Austin, Texas was at her local tax office to pay installment for her home taxes where she would meet someone who would change her life around.

While waiting for her turn to speak with the clerk, she sat next to a man who was there to get his driver’s license renewed, and they struck up a conversation about taxes being too high. During the conversation, Kuykendall mentioned that she and her husband had not gone on a vacation in the past 30+ years and that everything they get from social security goes all towards their living expenses. Both split up after the conversation, but something amazing happened to Kuykendall next week.

Kuykendall received a mail from a stranger, with $2,000 cash in an envelope with a small message that read:

It was great seeing you the other day. I hope you & your husband can enjoy a short vacation.

The letter did not have any name or any address to reach out to. All it had was a Post Box Number, which after the investigation was found that did not even exist.

The couple has not decided where to go yet, but they mentioned that they always wanted to see “grand canyon”. The couple wishes the stranger to come forward so that they can thank them personally.

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