Now You Can Listen & Start Your Own Podcast On Twitter

twitter to add podcast

Today, the social network Twitter made the announcement that it will incorporate podcasts into its platform as part of the revamped Spaces tab. Twitter is now formally entering the podcast industry.


How Will Podcasts Work On Twitter?

The revamp offers user-specific “Stations” that compile material based on a variety of categories, including news, music, sports, and more.

Twitter’s recommendation will be based on the topics and people you follow.

There are three sections when you first click the Spaces Tab. You can listen to various Topics through the Stations, which are shown at the top of the page and scroll horizontally. You will see Spaces highlighted below that, which features a selection of the best selected audio material. Finally, a list of future or upcoming Spaces will be displayed.

Podcast Popularity

In the past couple of years, podcasts continue to grow as listener tune in more and more.

By the end of 2022, it’s anticipated that 125 million individuals will have listened to a podcast monthly, up from an estimated 100 million monthly listeners in 2020.

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