Scientists Are Using Fog To Collect Water In Spain

As Forest fires devastate tens of thousands of acres of land in major parts of the world, Scientists In Spain are busy collecting water from fog.

The scientists use a special type of sheet when erected in the way of the wind, collecting water in the tanks fitted below the sheets. When fog passes through tiny little holes of the sheet with suspended water molecules, the sheet gets wet and a continuous process produces hundreds of liters of water in the tanks in a single day.

Life Nieblas Project

Life Nieblas Team

55% of the project has been funded by the European Commission and 33% by Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the project is called Life Nieblas.

The word Nieblas in Spanish refers to fog. Fog collectors are in function in the Canary Islands of Spain, and Portugal, to encourage reforestation and to come up with innovative ways to sustain the environment.

Life Nieblas Youtube video

The project is aimed at reversing the adverse effects of deforestation and desertification caused by a decrease in rainfall and a decrease in groundwater.

‘‘The general objective of the project is to test innovative fog collectors and innovative ways of reforestation in degraded areas and prove their effectiveness, costs, and benefits.’’, the project’s front page mentions.

Fog collectors require two important prerequisites, Fog and Wing, and both of the elements are present in the area of Canary Island and Portugal.

The objective of the project is to collect 215,000 liters of water from fog and water down the entire 86 acres of land having 20,000 trees & it is expected that 100% of the water requirements of the project will be covered by the Fog Water Collectors.

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