Research Finds That Sleep Deprivation Could Change Your Personality

We know that not getting enough sleep can lead to all sorts of health and psychological problems including heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and low IQ but lack of sleep can also make you a bad person and make you less generous to others.

Does Less Sleep Make You A Bad Person?

A new study conducted by Department of Psychology scholars, University of California, reveals that poor sleep can cause people to be less motivated to help others on an individual level and societal level. 

There were 3 total studies done and each of them revealed that when there is a lack of sleep, people are less likely to help other people due to specific nodes in our brain that promote this type of activity.

How To Get Better Sleep?

That is the million-dollar question.

Getting good (or better) sleep differs for each person. Everyone has different levels of stress and activity that could be affecting their sleep.

According to research, these are a few things you can do to help get better sleep:

  • Sleep at the same time every single day
  • Make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark
  • Set the desired temperature to sleep in
  • Remove all electronic devices from the room
  • Don’t watch TV or be on your phone at least 1 hour before
  • Avoid caffeine late into the day
  • Be physically active during the day

Getting good sleep can make you a better person!

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