Tom Holland Leaves Social Media Due To Mental Health Reasons

In a video he posted hours back, Tom Holland reveals he is parting ways with social media due to mental health problems. Tom Holland, ‘Spider man’, says he is going to delete the Instagram app because it affects his mental health. ‘I’ve taken a break from social media for my mental health because I find Instagram and twitter to be overstimulating, to be overwhelming.’, He says in his latest video on his social media. 

Tom’s latest video on his Instagram

Citing reasons for his step he mentions that he is taking such a step to have a happy and healthy life. Acting star said he had deleted the Twitter and Instagram applications from his mobile phone and did not intend to post in the foreseeable future because it negatively affects his personal life. 

In a video he uploaded on Instagram, he talked about the teenage mental health charity organization Stem4 , which he sponsors. stem4 is a charity organization that encourages and  promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them in their near circles including their families, education professionals, as well nurses from multiple schools providing  mental health education, resilience strategies and early intervention.

“So again thank you for listening. I’m going to disappear from Instagram again, And to everyone out there thanks for your love and support. I love you all, and I’ll speak to you soon.”

Tom Holland

Is he coming back?.

Although he did not mention anything when he is coming back to the platform, his fans assume the fact that he may come back as he mentioned ‘taking a break!’. But no one for sure knows when. Tom’s social media can play a significant role in promoting mental health education to young teenagers around the world.

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