NASA Is Going Back To The Moon

On August 29, 2022, NASA will launch Artemis 1, the first space mission back to the Moon since Apollo in 1972.

Artemis 1 Mission

This mission will not have any crew on board and will just conduct testing.

The three major objectives of the mission are to show that Orion can re-enter the spacecraft from a lunar orbit, to confirm that the vehicle functions in a flight environment (from the launch pad to splashdown), and to successfully perform a safe retrieval by recovery personnel after splashdown.

New Moon Missions

In 2024, the program’s first crewed flight, the Artemis 2 moon-circling mission, will take place. Later in the 2020s, SpaceX’s Starship is anticipated to carry the humans to the surface after the initial landing with Artemis 3.

When Will Humans Land On The Moon?

NASA is predicting that if everything goes right with the upcoming missions, we will have the first human landing on the moon since the Apollo missions in 2025.

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