Black Out Expected Around The World As Solar Storm Hit Earth

On Wednesday, August 3, the Earth’s magnetic field is expected to be hit by fast solar winds coming from a “hole” in the sun’s atmosphere, which will cause a mild G-1 geomagnetic storm.

According to scientists, this type of solar wind will be absorbed by our planet’s atmosphere. However, there is a slight chance of shortwave radio blackout which can affect some radio operators and navigation systems on Earth.

What Is Causing The Solar Wind?

Coronal holes are regions of cooler, less dense electrified gas (or plasma) in the sun’s upper atmosphere. These are also the locations where the magnetic field lines of the sun shoot outward into space rather than looping back in on themselves.

According to the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco, this allows solar material to surge out in a torrent that may move up to 1.8 million miles per hour (2.9 million kilometers per hour).

Different Type Of Solar Strom

There are five types of solar storms, ranging from G1 to G5. The least severe solar storm that may affect the earth is a G1, whereas the most serious is a G5.

The Carrington Event, which occurred in 1859 and wrecked telegraph lines and caused power grid problems, is an excellent illustration of a G5 solar storm.

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