Netflix’s Latest Anti-Password Sharing Update

Back in April, Netflix made it clear that it wants to make password and account sharing a paid practice. Now, the streaming platform has an update on how it plans to implement paid sharing. According to this update, Netflix will prompt users to pay an additional fee if they use an account on a TV or TV-connected device at a location outside their primary household for over two weeks. Each additional home will cost an extra $1.17 USD to $2.99 USD depending upon the region.

How It Will Work?

Beginning August 22, 2022, when you sign in to Netflix on a TV outside of your home, you will see the option to add the extra home for an additional fee per month.

If you will only be using this TV for a limited time, you can watch Netflix for up to 2 weeks at no extra charge as long your account has not been previously used in that location. After that time, the TV will be blocked unless you add the extra home.

How Will Netflix Detect The Primary Location AKA Home?

According to Netflix

“We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

If you are using a device within your included home and still see a message that says that too many homes are using your account, you can:

Make sure that the device is connected to the same internet connection as the other devices in the home.

Make sure that the device is not connected to a VPN, proxy, or any unblocker service”.

What Will Happen When You Travel?

Netflix explains that your use of Netflix on a TV outside your home while “traveling” is eligible without an extra charge for up to two weeks, “as long as your account has not been previously used in that location. This is allowed once per location per year.”

How Many Homes Can Be Added Per Plan?

If you’re on the Basic plan, you can add one extra home, if you’re on the Standard Plan, you can add up to two, and on Premium, you can add up to three.

Where Will This Update Be Implemented First?

Netflix started testing its new way to tackle password sharing in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic first.

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