Instagram Doesn’t Want You To Post On TikTok

Instagram is pushing a new update to fix its algorithm to favor more original content posted on its platform. Since the launch of its Reel feature, people have been using it to upload their TikToks to Instagram Reels instead of posting original content. 

TikTok vs Instagram 

In recent years, TikTok has taken the world by storm. No matter the controversy TikTok has caused, people are glued to it. 

Instagram saw what TikTok was doing and tried to copy that over to their platform. 

In August 2020, Instagram wanted to capitalize on the same features as TikTok by launching Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels allowed people to upload 15-second videos and add popular music, filters, and effect to them just like TikTok. 

But this has not really helped Instagram. People are still using TikTok and uploading their videos from there to Instagram Reels. 

Instagram’s New Algorithm

According to a spokesperson for Instagram, the company’s ranking system would now emphasize original content over replicated content in areas like the Reels and Feed tabs.

According to TechCrunch, the algorithm will also block resurfacing Reels and posts that have previously been shared on the app, so you won’t see the same things over and over again.

Content that has been reposted is less likely to be suggested to other users, and accounts that have reposted content are also less likely to be recommended.

How Will Instagram Know What Is Orginal Content?

This question was asked on Twitter to Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri.

According to Mosseri, the company “can’t know for sure.” The software uses “classifiers” to predict how likely content is to be original, looking at things like who’s in the video and if they’ve seen it before.

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