Reddit Announces New Search Feature To Compete With Google

Reddit announced it would have a new search feature that will allow users to search through comments. Right now, users would have to search for a thread and then look through the comments to find what they are looking for.

Reddit is known to have the best advice and answers on the web. The problem is, that most of these answers are in the comments and not on the original post.

Searching On Google

For most of us, Google is our go-to resource for problem-solving. Advice is simply a few clicks away, whether we’re undertaking house repairs without much knowledge or trying to fix an unusual software bug on your phone.

Google searches millions and millions of websites to give us the exact answer or information we are looking for.

How Google Search Works

What Is Reddit?

Video Explains How Reddit Works

Searching On Reddit

When you search for information or answers on Reddit, it searches for a post’s title and descriptions to find you what you are looking for. This is great but most of Reddit’s best advice and answers are in the comments. So this means you will spend hours on some posts just to read through the comments to find what you are looking for.

But now, Reddit is changing that.

Instead of digging through thread after thread for a solution, anyone on Reddit may search via comments now.

When searching on Reddit, you may now put particular phrases in the search box and then click the “Comments” button at the top of the page.

New Reddit Search For Comments

Will Reddit Replace Google?

When you search on Google, you get answers from millions of websites, including Reddit.

Reddit does have the best answers on the web but searching on Reddit only gives you results on Reddit.

It will be very hard for Reddit to replace Google completely.

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