Amazon Kills Free Speech

There has been a lot of press recently concerning how Amazon employees are treated in their warehouse. As a result, a multibillion-dollar revenue-generating firm has taken steps to prevent its employees from unionizing.

Amazon is banning words like “union,” “pay raise,” “restroom” and more on their internal employee chat system.

Words Amazon Is Blocking From Their Chat System

The list contains the following words in addition to slurs and curse words:

Amazon Work Conditions

Workers at Amazon facilities around the country have long complained about arduous working conditions, according to Fortune.

They claim they have insufficient toilet breaks, which are all timed, high production expectations, and a dangerous working atmosphere.

They say that the pandemic worsened problems by encouraging more individuals to use delivery services.

In 2019, Amazon workers protested working conditions.

Will Amazon Change Work Conditions For Their Employees?

Many people have called on Amazon and their previous CEO Jeff Bezos to make the work conditions better for their employees.

A vote was held at an Alabama warehouse to see if it would become the company’s first unionized site in the United States. But the union’s efforts failed.

Just a few days ago, a handful of Amazon employees in Staten Island, New York, were successful in forming a labor union, and they will now fight for more rights for other Amazon employees.

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