Tesla Is Going To Lose Self Driving Battle With Google

San Francisco – Google’s self-driving company, Waymo, has introduced driverless rides in San Francisco earlier this week. The rides are currently available only to Google Employees at this moment before they open up for the public.

Waymo said that there is a safety specialist in the driver’s seat for now for emergencies but almost everything is automatic. The company will go through all the safety protocols before making this available to the public.

Waymo Driving In San Francisco

Tesla Is First To Market But They Will Not Be a Mainstream Self Driving Car Company

A lot of people assume that Tesla is the mainstream self-driving car company because of all the news they hear but in reality, other car manufacturers like Google’s Waymo and Ford are ramping up to make autonomous vehicles a reality. Tesla was first to the market but they understand that they will not be able to meet the demands, that’s why they made all their patents public and are focusing on building superchargers around the country to serve all Electric Vehicles.

Tesla Super Charger Map

Why Google’s Waymo Could Beat Tesla?

Google’s Waymo Self Driving Car

Simply because Google has more data points about the roads, driving conditions, and people’s driving behaviors that could really make an impact on how autonomous vehicle reacts during emergencies. Google could be the provider of this data to all the other car manufacturers to keep all autonomous vehicles in sync.

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