Google Chrome Emergency: Update Your Browser Now

Google released a new update for their browser Google Chrome on Friday, March 25th. Now they are urging their users on Mac, Windows, and Linux to update as soon as possible.

What’s Wrong With Google Chrome?

Google released this update to fix and prevent the zero-day security attack. A zero-day security vulnerability is an undiscovered attack in the wild that exposes a software or hardware vulnerability and can cause serious problems long before anyone notices anything is wrong.

This issue mostly leads to the software failing or crashing but in some cases, it could lead to an attack such as hacking.

Despite the fact that Google is asking users to update their Chrome browser, the company has not provided any additional information about the problem. This is most likely because they want as many people as possible to have the update before releasing this information, which could lead to users being hacked.

What’s Wrong With Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft’s browser is based on Chromium, the open-source codebase that powers Chrome. Because Chrome and Edge are both Chromium browsers, they are both vulnerable to this zero-day issue and must be updated immediately.

Should You Update?

Yes! Google is encouraging all its users to update as soon as possible.

Both browsers make it simple to check for updates.

Simply select “About Google Chrome” or “About Microsoft Edge” from the three dots in the top-right corner of your browser window, then “Help” (Chrome) or “Help and feedback” (Edge). You’ll be able to see if an update is available to install here.

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