Biden Excited About Running Against Trump In 2024

President Biden said he would welcome a rematch with Donald Trump in the next presidential election while speaking with European leaders in Brussels about Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“I’d be very fortunate to have the same man running against me,” Biden said during a press conference.

Biden has already stated that he intends to run for reelection, although a small majority of Americans do not believe he will.

“My focus of any election is on making sure that we retain the House and the United States Senate,” Biden said, “so that I have the room to continue to do the things that I’ve been able to do, in terms of growing the economy and dealing in a rational way with American foreign policy and leading the world — be the leader of the free world.”

In this fall’s midterm elections, Democrats may lose control of both chambers of Congress. It’s unclear what this means for potential presidential contenders, including the current president.

Even though Trump has shown interest in running again, several Republicans are desperate to prevent electing him as the party’s presidential candidate in 2024.

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