Ethiopia Announces Humanitarian Armistice In War – Ravaged Tigray.

Ethiopia Announces Humanitarian Armistice In War - Ravaged Tigray.

An indefinite humanitarian truce was declared by Ethiopia’s government on Thursday in the war-ravaged Tigray region, which authorized unhindered supply lines.

It reiterates the government’s commitment to work together with relevant organizations to get humanitarian assistance to those in need and urges the donor community to redouble their generosity.

The Government Communication Service issued a statement on behalf of the authorities.

For the humanitarian situation in the region to improve, Tigray’s forces need to reciprocate the truce.

Fighting loyal to Tigray’s fugitive leaders is urged to cease and desist from further aggression and withdraw from areas that are occupied in neighboring regions.

Tigray’s leaders did not immediately respond to request for comment. Ethiopia’s government has come under increasing international pressure to ease restrictions on the flow of humanitarian aid into Tigray.

An escalation of tensions between the Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Tigrean leaders who once ruled Ethiopia exploded into war in November 2020.

Ethiopia cut off almost all access to food aid, medical supplies, cash and fuel in Tigray in June, and the UN World Food Program has warned that seventy-five percent of the country’s 6 million people are surviving by using extreme measures. There is also an extreme dearth of food.

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