Getting On With The Job, UK PM Johnson Says He Will Not Resign

UK PM Boris Johnson resign

PM Boris Johnson said on Wednesday, he does not intend to resign after a series of lockdown-breaking gatherings at both his Downing Street office and home. He has vowed to carry on in the post.

Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour Party, accused Johnson in parliament of misrepresenting the gatherings and misleading parliament. The prime minister agreed that such offenses should lead to a resignation.

Johnson refused to resign when asked about stepping down.

The truth is that many people may want me out of the way for all sorts of reasons, but the reason he (Starmer) wants me out is because he knows this government can deliver,” he said to cheers from his Conservative lawmakers.

In particular, I am getting on with the job.” “We’ve made the hard decisions, we’ve got the big calls right, and we are doing well.”

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