BioNTech, Google, Deutsche Bahn Back African-Founded AI Firm

BioNTech, Google, Deutsche Bahn Back African-Founded AI Firm

InstaDeep, an African artificial intelligence company, has attracted investments from BioNTech, Google, and Germany railway giant Deutsche Bahn. And all companies investing in instadeep.

Now based in London, the company announced Tuesday that it raised $100 million from investors in order to expand its presence in the US. It was not disclosed how much each company invested.

Artificial intelligence is the core focus at InstaDeep, which improves electronics manufacture, logistics, and biotechnology research.

Together with BioNTech, the company recently announced the development of a system that predicts high-risk Coronavirus variants based on coronavirus samples. The United States’ Pfizer and BioNTech have developed the first widely available vaccine for COVID-19. The companies are developing a vaccine that targets the omicron variant.

Since its inception in Tunisia eight years ago, InstaDeep has engineers and researchers in South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia, France, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates.

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