UK PM Johnson Says COVID-19 Shots Will Stay Voluntary, Attacks Anti-Vax Movement

Russia Braces For 'Very Intense' Rise In Omicron Cases

Although anti-vax campaigners are dissuading people from getting COVID-19 vaccines, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday the shots would not be made mandatory.

Despite his best efforts, Johnson said, there were people who spread misinformation about vaccines, making it hard to convince people to get the vaccines.

We will keep an approach that favors voluntary compliance in this country, Johnson told reporters. Other European countries favor coercion.

I think it’s time that I, as part of the government, call out those pushing for vaccinations and spouting nonsense. It is absolutely wrong. It is totally counterproductive.” “But what a tragedy that we have so much pressure on the NHS (National Health Service) and so many people talking rubbish about vaccinations.

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