Bluebird Sickle Cell Gene Therapy Trial On Partial Hold Amid Investigation

Bluebird bio Inc has announced that it will place its gene therapy trial for sickle cell disease on partial hold while they investigate the potential side-effect of persistent anaemia in one patient.

Premarket trading on Bluebird shares was down 18% after the announcement.
The FDA has imposed a partial suspension on the lovotibeglogene autotemcel gene therapy trial in patients under 18.
The U.S food and drug administration announced that they will be partially shutting down an important research project into how well this new treatment works for young people.

The news of adult sickle cell disease patients not being enrolled in three studies came as a surprise, but it is continuing with plans for all other treatments.

The gene therapy developer said it is evaluating what impact, if any- this partial suspension may have on its projected timing for the submission of its application. The current estimate puts them inching closer to their deadline every day so we’ll see how long they can last before submitting.

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