Italian Births Decline Dramatically During Pandemic

Italian Births Decline Dramatically During Pandemic

The Italian government has tried to combat the pandemic by making it mandatory for all women in Italy who are not pregnant or have given birth recently, but this is not working as well they imagined.
While Italy was under lockdown, the country’s birth rate declined by 13.6%.
The month of January 2021 saw a drastic fall in population with 10 months left until 2022. This marks an unprecedented low for anyone.

According to ISTAT, a continuing trend in declining mortality rates can be attributed to the influenza pandemic after significant drops also in November and December 2020.

Italy has seen a drop of one third in births over the past decade, with just 404,892 babies born in 2020 compared to 576,659 in 2008. Family units with two Italian parents are largely to blame for the decline.

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