Morocco Sex For Grades: Hassan I University Lecturers In Court

Lecturers In Court

A group of four lecturers at one of Morocco’s premier universities have been accused of offering students better grades for sex. The quartet was arrested after one student reported being offered extra credit under false pretences.

They are accused of inciting violence against women, gender discrimination, and inciting debauchery. Neither has pleaded guilty.
A Moroccan higher education institution has been hit with another sexual harassment scandal.

The issue is rare, however, as cases rarely come before the courts. The lecturers are from Hassan I University in Settat, about 80km (50 miles) south of Casablanca’s main city district.

Indecent assault and battery charges have been filed against a fifth lecturer. The story came to light in September through the leaking on social media messages that are said to have been between this person, other instructors at their university.

It comes as no surprise that this case has angered Moroccans – a string of scandals like this have tarnished the country’s reputation for years. The BBC reports that it’s no different at universities there.

Most reported incidents have not made it this far, he says. This case has been brought to court, which sets it apart from others.
This reflects the existence of widespread sexual violence in society, say rights groups.

Many women do not feel confident reporting their experiences through concerns over possible reprisals or the perceived damage to reputation and family stability, but there are other cases where survivors bravely come forward with courage.

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