Biden Travels To Missouri To Highlight U.S. Infrastructure Law


On Wednesday, United States President Joe Biden will travel to Kansas City, Missouri for a conference that is designed specifically with the goal of bringing attention his $1 trillion program in place aimed at investing into infrastructure across America- and he plans on making it happen.

Vice President Joe Biden will visit the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to highlight an important law that invests in America’s roads, bridges and public transportation. The legislation passed Congress last month with support from both Democrats as well as Republicans- showing how much this country needs a jumpstart on upgrading its infrastructure.

Jen Psaki, a spokesperson for the White House, said the trip demonstrated “how the president is honoring his promise to foster bipartisan consensus and demonstrate our democracy can achieve winning results for the American people.”

Despite winning bipartisan approval for infrastructure, Joe Biden’s opinion poll numbers have sunk as Americans worry about COVID-19 and inflation.

The White House is eager to promote the bill so Biden can highlight his accomplishments ahead of mid-term elections next year, when Democrats need all hands on deck if they want to win back control of Congress.

The White House is launching a new website, to promote the effects of this law and their branding phrase “Building A Better America”.

Biden is working on a separate “Build Back Better” social spending and climate change bill, which has faced an uncertain future in the U.S Senate.

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