At Least 30 Civilians Reported Killed In Mali Truck Attack

At Least 30 Civilians Reported Killed In Mali Truck Attack

According to an official with the region’s authority, gunmen killed at least 31 people in central Mali when they attacked a civilian truck on Saturday according to an official with the region’s authority.

Bandiagara is a town in the north of Mali where 50 villagers were killed this past week when their truck was attacked by gunmen unknown. The mayor said authorities are still investigating what caused them to react so violently towards unarmed civilians.

The mayor of Mali, who is also a member of its transitional parliament said that the shooting caused 31 people to die including those burned. There were several injured and two missings following this tragedy.

Although the attackers have not claimed responsibility for the attack, it bears the hallmarks of al-Qaida-linked local groups. The bloodshed could aggravate tensions between communities in central Mali that already have led to widespread violence there.

Al-Qaida linked armed groups have been attacking the Malian army for years, and it is now affecting civilians too. Attacks on UN peacekeepers, in particular, are threatening stability throughout Northern Mali as security worsens with each passing day.

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