A Father Comforts Driver Who Hit His Daughter

A child getting struck by a vehicle is something that no father wants to happen. But also this situation instills terror in the hearts of all drivers.

This is what happened roughly two weeks ago in Brazil.

A father is seen hugging the motorist who hit his daughter in a video released on Instagram by Goodnews Movement.

According to reports, the driver struck the girl, who has only been identified as Haghatta. The 10-year-old girl is accused of running carelessly towards the road. As Hagatta ran in front of his car while chasing a ball, the driver slapped on the brakes but couldn’t avoid colliding.

Fortunately, the girl did not sustain any significant injuries. Her injuries were quickly treated and she was brought to the hospital.

The father was obviously worried about his daughter, but he put his concerns aside to console the driver before going to her side.

Haghatta is recovering from her injuries after being released from the hospital. She is anticipated to recover completely.

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