Seth Rogen Has Questions For Adele After ‘One Night Only’ Concert: ‘Why Did You Do That?’

On Wednesday evening, Seth Rogen appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he discussed recently attending Adele One Night Only. Much to his surprise, the actor found that a show of this magnitude is so much more than what one would expect when going into an event such as this. He revealed how intimate and small-scale it actually felt like during his experience at the concert!

The man had no idea he was about to be interviewed by a famous television host Oprah Winfrey. He and his wife were so high on marijuana that they couldn’t even see straight, much less think of anything interesting enough for their show!

Rogen discovered he was present at the taping of Adele’s television special at the last minute. “And then I and my wife were like okay maybe we can slink into the background; You know-like as long as you’re not seen or heard from again after this one night right? But they handed us our tickets – literally with seat numbers 1a & 1b so officially BIG TV guest-starring my name in it! Let me just say before I go on: ‘It sucked but whatever man have fun.'”

It can be quite an experience to be surrounded by thousands of people all singing and clapping to the same song at top volume can be quite an experience. I think that Rogen must have been feeling a little overwhelmed because according to his interview he said: “Being high up in such close proximity as they were performing seemed stressful.”

“I was trying to look cool, but it’s not healthy for me,” says Rogen. “And with Adele – it came up really hard because I’m too close and feel like Leonardo DiCaprio behind the actor thinking ‘Did Seth just write Rolling In The Deep? Is that why he’s so close?’

As Fallon pressed on, Rogen could no longer contain his curiosity and finally asked the singer why he was there.

Rodge continued as if nothing had happened before continuing with their conversation which confused both of them even more so than ever before!

“Do you know Adele?” Fallon asked Rogen.
“I’ve never met her,” he said with a laugh, “no! I don’t think so–if it’s really her out there watching this.”

Rogen was not sure why he had been seated in front of celebrities like Drake and Leonardo DiCaprio. He did admit that many people reached out to their congratulations after the performance, which received record views on YouTube.

Rogen claims that he has never seen such spontaneous adoration for a movie before and is amazed by people’s reaction to his acting.

The filmmaker was clearly excited to hear these words of praise during an interview where they discussed R-rated movies becoming more mainstream. He went on saying “Everyone I know watched it” which suggests this might be true considering there were plenty around us while sitting down having coffee together earlier today!

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