It’s 2021 And We Are Still Arguing About Abortion

We are approaching the end of 2021 and the Supreme Court is set to hear and rule on one of the strictest abortion laws we have ever seen.

The Supreme Court heard almost two hours of arguments on Wednesday in the legal battle over Mississippi’s law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, which clearly contradicts the court’s previous abortion rulings.

In 1973, in a landmark case, the Supreme Court decided that you cannot ban abortion before the 22 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. This ruling was again upheld by the court in the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey case.

After 30 years, the Supreme Court is once again in a position to make a landmark decision where many predict it will rule in favor of the Mississippi’s law, making abortion more difficult across the country.

When It Come To Abortion, Who Has The Right To Choose?

Many people (including us) have asked this question many times.

In 2021, we have seen many states pass stricter abortion laws. In May of this year, the state of Texas went on to pass what is known as the “heartbeat” law. This law made it illegal to have an abortion if the fetus is six weeks or older.

Several states, on the other hand, have provided unrestricted abortion rights.

The state of New York approved a bill in January 2019 that protects abortion rights even beyond 24 weeks. Of course, there are special cases when these sorts of abortions are necessary.

But again, it comes down to the question “who has the right to make a decision on abortion?”

Our Opinion

The majority of pro-lifers argue that the fetus is a live being who should be protected. When faced with a pandemic that forced them to go into lockdown and wear masks in order to protect and preserve lives, the same pro-lifers refused to follow the rules.

We live in an era with so much science and data to back up any claim you may have. But we are still making the decision on religious and ideological beliefs.

You have the right to believe what you want to believe and make decisions on that belief. This is what makes America the most unique country in the world.

But, of course, no one understands a woman’s body like she does. She should have the freedom to choose what she does with her body.

Just like how many believe that banning guns will not stop people from killing other people. “If someone wants to kill, they will get a gun even illegally.” We believe that if someone wants to get an abortion, they will even if it is illegal which makes it even more risky and dangerous.

Rather than focusing on prohibiting or regulating abortion, we should educate women (and some men) about the topic. We should endeavor to make this a painless and straightforward treatment so that lives can be saved.

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