Face Masks Again Mandatory In England Amid Variant Spread

Face Masks Again Mandatory In England Amid Variant Spread

The government has announced that they will enforce stricter laws against masks worn while also making sure people do not wear them too often or where there’s a lot going on like crowded trains because this could lead other passengers astray about what type of germs are still active within their body.

From Tuesday morning, all travelers returning to the U.K must also take a PCR test and self-isolate until they receive their negative result. Previously there was no requirement for those with lateral flow tests; now you can’t return without first passing this new screening method.

Face Masks Again Mandatory In England Amid Variant Spread

England has taken a step closer to relaxing restrictions on coronavirus after it was reported that all four UK countries have relaxed the rules. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland no longer require people from these regions wear face masks when out in public while England does not enforce such an obligation yet.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that he will be taking strong measures to combat the latest disease outbreak. He announced 14 cases so far has been attributed to this new variant.

The government announced Monday that it is expanding its booster vaccine program, with a dose to be offered for all those over 18 years old three months after people had their second jab.

Until now only those 40 and older or clinically vulnerable were eligible under this initiative but not anymore.

In a press conference later Tuesday, Boris Johnson will urge more people to take up the booster shots in a press conference later Tuesday.

The new information means that an additional 13 million will be eligible for vaccination, bringing the total number vaccinated so far over 17.8 million with just one day left before the deadline expires.

Jenny Harries, the head of the U.K.’s Health Security Agency said that while there is still uncertainty in understanding this new variant – omicron booster shots may be able to “to some extent counter” potential drop-off from vaccine effectiveness after introduction.

She also asked people to be cautious and reduce socializing over the festive season if possible.

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