You Told Us: Who Knew WhatsApp Stickers Were This Popular?


Users of WhatsApp are used to expressing themselves without words. But in October 2018, the app rolled out sticker support for users which gave them an alternative way to express an emotion other than with emojis or GIFs. More recently a tip suggested that people may soon be able to create stickers from photos giving this medium more personal flair
I was curious how many of you use stickers right now? So I did some investigating and found these results exciting!

Do you use stickers on WhatsApp?


With over 3,500 votes cast in this poll, it is clear that WhatsApp users love to share their emotions with the world through stickers. The company revealed its interest in building upon these popular features which would make for an even more engaging messaging experience!

More than four in every five respondents use stickers on WhatsApp. Numerically, that amounts to 85.2% of users- nearly one out the two people who have access to this form messaging app! It’s clear that many are looking forward with anticipation as they await custom sticker features from their favourite brands or just something else altogether different entirely new. When will these come? Who knows for sure but it doesn’t really seem like there has been any mention about them recently so fingers crossed soon enough.

Sticker use is on the decline, with many people now opting for other forms of communication. However, there’s still plenty to talk about when it comes to stickers – around 14.8% don’t use them daily.

We hope you enjoyed this poll! If you have any thoughts about WhatsApp stickers or the results of voting, be sure to drop them below.

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