Matthew McConaughey Will Not Run For Texas Governor

Matthew McConaughey, the beloved superstar out of Texas, says that he will not run for governor in the state after many rumors have circulated stating he might run for the seat next year. 

He posted a video on Twitter stating his intentions. 

He said that he has been thinking about how he might be useful and serve the most people in his life for the past two years. He also said that he had been looking into politics, with the intention of running for governor of Texas.

Instead of running for governor or joining any other political group, McConaughey announced that he will devote his time and resources to companies and charities that he believes will help others thrive in life.

Many people believe McConaughey would have a decent chance of winning if he ran for governor. Candidates like Beto O’Rourke and current governor Greg Abbott were probably relieved when he said he would not run.

McConaughey signed off his video with a hearty salute, saying: “To the politicians, to the leaders and servants out there, the leader and servant in each one of us, cheers to you. The freedom to be you, freedom to be me. And to our responsibility to be us. In the meantimes, at all times and until next time: Just keep livin’.”

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