CA Parent Jailed For Six Months In College Admission Scandal

The California parent, Homayoun Zadeh, 60 was sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment for unlawful activities to admit his daughter into a university. He agreed to pay $100, 000 to help the admission process to the University of Southern California in a sweeping admission scheme.  

He was also observed pleading guilty in June for filing a false tax return where he lied, did not mention the money he paid to help his daughter’s admission into the university.

He is one of the dozens of parents charged with similar guilty being involved in a cheating scheme called “Operation Varsity Blues” which was masterminded by William “Rick” Singer is under FBI investigation now.

In Singer’s scheme, wealthy parents used to pay large amounts for altering their children’s test scores with higher numbers or falsely recruiting children as student-athletes, or for both in several cases. The money used to be received through a sham charity which later used to be transferred to bribes for this illegal process.

Zadeh agreed to pay $100,000 to Singer’s sham charity and deducted those payments from his taxes, despite he had full knowledge that the amount wasn’t for charity.

Courtesy: The Millennial Source

His daughter also was falsely presented as a lacrosse player with a fake profile to go through the admission process which is recorded as a criminal activity.

Bottom Line: California parent is sentenced to prison for six weeks as he illegally paid bribes to get her daughter admitted to a university with false records, also skipped the amount to his taxes.

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