8 Missing Children Rescued & 18 Sex Offenders Arrested In New Orleans

US Marshals announced that eight missing, endangered children were recovered with the arrest of 18 sex offenders in Louisiana as a result of two months of investigation by multiple task forces.

Two US Marshals’ task forces led operations named “Return of the School Year” and “NO Saints and Sinners 2021” conducted in the New Orleans area from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30 which also brought multiple sex offenders with prior convictions with child abuse into the light.

Scott Illing, the US Marshal for the Eastern District of Louisiana said, “This was another example of the results that can be accomplished with continuing law enforcement teamwork.” 

The operations also arrested six others including three adult males with charges of sexual abuse on a 7-year-old, two counts of charges of child porn on a 14-year-old girl, and kidnapping and aggravated rape charges that took place in 1989.

Roman E. Byler, a Delaware lifetime registration sex offender with two previous felonies for child sex abuse was wanted for escaping his probe, also was arrested from a high-drug prone area in New Orleans.

Marshal services rescued three children, while three others returned themselves during the operation and one teenage girl was recovered from Phoenix en route to Las Vegas.  

Courtesy: WBAL TV

The teamwork that revealed out the truth of allegations of minor sex trafficking was led by the two US Marshals’ teams and FBI assisted by New Orleans Metro police, three Sheriff’s Office, State Police, and Department of Child & Family Services.

Bottom Line: Two teams of US Marshals rescued 8 missing and endangered children and arrested 18 sex offenders abusing and sex trafficking these children in the New Orleans area, Louisiana.

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