Poor Countries Look At Rich To Finance Climate Control Measures

As the World leaders are all set to meet at UN Weather Control Summit in Glasgow this month, the poor countries are assuming huge financial stress to pay for the transition of their energy sources from conventional fossil fuels to greener alternatives to reduce international warming.

The rich western countries were pledged to pay poorer nations for a very expensive global energy transition to avoid greenhouse-gas emissions responsible for global climate change. The value of such global cooperation has gone up with a continuous skip from the rich nations to contribute to this venture. However, the scientists are convinced that without the inclusion of poorer countries, the global program of transit energy resources will never succeed.  

US & European States have remarkably reduced emissions as they are changing to renewable energies from fossil fuels. However, in poorer countries, the emission is likely to be rise sharp high in the coming years as they are yet to shift their energy resources with a lower-carbon path.

As a consequence, poorer nations are demanding highly extended funding from the developed countries to implement cleaner energy equipment to activate.  Their agenda sets in to secure population and resources from rising sea ranges or repeated highly effective storms as a consequence of local weather change.

As an example, cyclone-prone Bangladesh wants cyclone-resistant housing, Kenya needs pure biogas-fired farming replacing coal, India estimates a $2.5 Trillion climate change plan till 2030.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

The U.S., Europe, and some different rich nations are dedicated to funding poorer nations around $100 billion from 2020 via 2025, which are falling far and showing incapability. This coordination, if not solved in the forthcoming Glasgow meet, will call an alarming situation to the World as, without financing to the estimated plans, things on the dry discussion can not solve much for global climate change scenario.

Bottom Line: The US, Europe, and other richer countries have to sponsor the poorer countries to build infrastructure and change into cleaner energy resources to coordinate global climate change programs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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