Imran Khan Say The US Is Ungrateful To Pakistan

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan attempted to portray Pakistan as a victim of American ungratefulness and an international double standard.

He began his comment by saying that during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the US and Pakistan trained mujahedeen, who were considered as heroes by people like then-President Ronald Reagan, he claimed. When the Soviets and Americans left in 1989, Pakistan was left to pick up the pieces — millions of refugees and new sectarian militant groups.

The US sanctioned its former partner a year later, Khan added, but then came knocking after the 9/11 attacks. Khan claimed that Pakistan’s aid to the US cost 80,000 Pakistanis their lives and generated internal unrest and rebellion against the government, all while the US carried out drone attacks.

“So, when we hear this at the end. There is a lot of worry in the U.S. about taking care of the interpreters and everyone who helped the U.S.,” he said, referring to Afghanistan. “What about us?”

Despite Khan’s statements promoting peace, many Afghans believe Pakistan is to blame for the Taliban’s revival in Afghanistan due to strong ties. In August, the United Nations turned down Pakistan’s request to speak at a special meeting on Afghanistan, demonstrating the international community’s distrust.

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