Biden Urges For Global Diplomatic Alliance in UN To Fight Covid & Climate Change

President Biden, in his first address to the UN General Assembly, urged for the importance of international cooperation needed to fight against COVID-19 pandemic and climate change issues globally.  He marked this to be the only way to solve these historical global problems the world is suffering through recently.

Added with this importance, he presented his modified US foreign policy to enhance global alliance with diplomacy rather than armed conflict. His explanations on the importance of building alliances with diplomatic relationships seem to be very significant when a few restraints in the US relationship with some major allies have been observed recently.

Mr. Biden said, “As we close this period of relentless war, we’re opening a new era of relentless diplomacy,” as a policy to get away from blood-shaded armed conflict after two decades of war in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

He also said, “Our shared grief is a poignant reminder that our collective future will hinge on our ability to recognize our common humanity and to act together,” referring to the millions of lives lost during the pandemic. He wished that the world together will quite literally determine our futures.

He encouraged competition among rising powers, however, also warned that he is “not seeking a new Cold War or a world divided into rigid blocks.” In this context, he remarked, “All the major powers of the world have a duty, in my view, to carefully manage their relationships so they do not tip from responsible competition to conflict.”

Bottom Line: President Biden urged for war less diplomatic global alliance to solve the problems of COVID-19 pandemic and climate change issues during his first address to the UN General Assembly.

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