Healthcare Workers Quit Over Vaccine Mandate

A few healthcare workers in Maine quit their jobs after the state mandated that all healthcare workers need to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

On August 12, the state announced that all healthcare workers must get the vaccine. They will not be enforcing this rule until October 29th. After this mandate was announced, it caused a state-wide protest. 

Even though anti-vaccine activists make up a minority, they have been able to file a number of lawsuits and keep their protest going. 

Northern Lights, the second-largest healthcare provider in Maine said that only 20 out of 10,000 staff members have left their job due to the vaccine mandate. 

While this number is very small, it’s still alarming for many people to have healthcare workers quit because of a vaccine mandate. 

Desperate the low number of healthcare workers quitting their jobs and unsuccessful lawsuits by anti-vaccine activists, it does not look like their movement is going to slow down anytime soon. They have ramped up their protest. They have also raised funds for the healthcare workers who quit their jobs. 

They’re also filing a lawsuit against the governor of Maine. 

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