Amazon To Lobby Congress To Legalize Marijuana

In a blog post on Tuesday, Amazon HR boss Beth Galetti announced that the company is restructuring its employee policy when it comes to marijuana screenings.

In the past, people seeking to be employed by Amazon had to pass a drug test that included marijuana as a banned drug in order to get the job. In June, Amazon announced that it would no longer be screening some of its workers for marijuana use. 

Now Amazon wants to take this to the next step.

Not only will they not screen for marijuana on their pre-employment testing, but they will take it one step further and ramp up their lobbying in Congress to legalize the drug. 

According to Galetti, The relaxation in the policy comes after many states across the US are legalizing marijuana use. Galetti also said that doing this might help the company get more job applications during a low labor market. 

As of right now, in the US 18 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana and 37 states have made medical marijuana legal. 

There is growing support throughout the country to legalize marijuana use nationally. 

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