US Tries To Pull Out Left Americans And Afghan Partners Through Arab Allies

US Officials including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are about to visit allied points in middle-east to arrange possible measures to evacuate American citizens and Afghan partners out of the Taliban occupied Afghanistan as they were left there into the hand of their own destiny as a result of chaotic end of evacuation process by Biden administration. However, after the last troop withdrawn, Biden is trying to negotiate all the possible ways to pull them out of Taliban even now.

Members of the US forces, including thousands of Afghans and 200 American citizens who had worked for the US for over 20 years are still stuck in the country when the last American troop left last week. This emergency exit led to intense confusion once the US-backed Afghan Government collapsed.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the State Department said on Friday, “There are a lot of extremely complex logistical issues to address and coordinate, we’re working through them as quickly and as methodically as we possibly can.”

Courtesy: USA Today

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Mr. Blinken will tour Doha, Qatar, the site of the US diplomatic, and the location where diplomatic exchanges took place in the recent Taliban years. It is their step to help the Americans and Afghanistan’s to get out of the country. Members of the Biden Administration complain that they are not in the state to meet the Taliban officials while in Doha.

Bottom Line: Members of the Biden Administration have not given up completely to evacuate the numerous Americans and Afghan officials who are still stuck in the country. Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin step up to take a trip to Doha, the core of the Taliban officials.

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